Pedometers for kids, and keeping track of the steps they have taken has long been a good way to encourage children to get outside and do more exercise. Now there is a really fun pedometer for kids called the Geopalz Activity Tracker. These great pedometers come in more than twenty different models. They are designed for girls and boys and include such things as a model with a butterfly, one with a skull and skateboards and a soccer ball plus many more. 

Geopalz are made in vibrant colours with an easy to read step counter on the front. Geopalz are not just another make of pedometer. The makers have introduced a great online site which allows your child to register the number of steps he or she has taken in order to earn points which can be traded for prizes. There is a wide variety of prizes available ranging from such things as a biodegradable water bottle for 45 points ( 112,500 steps ) to Nickleodeon game cards, a $20 Ptlaystation card and much much more.

The great thing behind these fantastic devices is that they reward kids for getting out, walking and having fun. Trying to convince them to go out and play on a nice day becomes much less of a chore and kids can easily compete against themselves and their friends with their Geopal. They can then log into their Geopalz site and record their steps. The site itself is very user friendly with colourful fun graphics and interesting statistics such as the distance the average person will walk in a lifetime.

The whole Geoplaz system seems to have been carefully thought out. This is a program which should really encourage kids to take a break from the TV and computer games and get some exercise.It would not be surprising to see the Geoplaz, these pedometers for kids, becoming a bit of a fashion statement. When you purchase a Geopal you can register it for free on their website.