Are you looking for a marathon training programme or even a beginner running program? Are you just getting into running or are you considering training for a marathon?  There are many running and marathon training programmes on the market. On this page you will find information and links to recommended programs. 





The following successful marathon training program was developed by Marius Bakken a former Olympic runner now a physician.

These are just a few of the things you get with this program:

There are eight different training schedules which range a 2 hour 45 minute schedule to a 5 hour schedule for the absolute beginner. You are able to pick the schedule which suits you best. 

15 videos where Marius takes you through the various schedules explaining various core principles of marathon training.

10 additional videos , these cover such topics as running form and how to improve it, how to choose the right shoes and more.

120 pages of information packed with valuable content that takes you through the process of preparing for a marathon.

Access to a members only area where you can post your questions to Marius Bakken.

Free Lifetime product Updates

Download Marius Bakkens 100 Day Marathon Plan, you can get started immediately.

100% 60 Day money back guarantee.

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Break Your PR

This is the Marathon Dominator running program by Jill Bruyere. Jill is a former collegiate soccer player, she played on the University of New Mexico team and then went on to play semi-professionally in the Womens league. She is a marathon runner.

Among the marathons she has competed in are Boston, New York and Chicago. She is the program manager for the Tri/Cycle Club at the Washington Athletic Club. She coaches and trains individuals in running, weight loss, triathalons and sports performance. She is also a motivational speaker.

Jill's Program is possibly the most thorough programme available. The program is based on the "less is more" system of training. This is a programme which has been designed to assist runners to improve their time.

Some of what you get with this program

Easy to follow training guide and schedule

Training schedule is based on training for four days a week, making it easier to schedule your training.

Advice on how to prevent common marathon injuries and what to do if they do occur.

Marathon running nutritional advice, including recipes. What you should and should not eat.

At the time of writing ( December 2010 )  there are 8 bonus gifts included, these are video, audio and EBook bonuses.

Quick Download of the programme so that you don't have to wait.

100% Money back guarantee.

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Break Your PR


This is the Marathon Training For Beginners designed and developed by Jago Holmes CPT. He is an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer who over the years has worked with literally hundreds of runners. The program he has developed is targeted specifically at beginners who have the desire to run a marathon. 

Some features of this programme:

A step by step process for getting your body programmed for a marathon.

Striaght talking information on how to accomplish your goal.

An honest and informative marathon training schedule and guide.

Provide you with the tools you will need to succeed.

 Manual 1 The Theory comprehensive knowledge, training advice and tips on running.

Manual 2 The Practice step by step guide to the practical side of marathon running

7 Valuable Bonus ebooks including Injury Prevention and How to Boost your Metabolism.

Easily Download this Marathon Training Program and bonuses.

100% 60 Day money back guarantee

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