GSI Watches are another brand to consider if you are looking for a good pedometer watch or sports watch. I am not sure how well know the GSI brand is, but many of their models are receive extremely good reviews. GSI watches are a great alternative to some of the better known brands. GSI stands for Golden State International and as you might expect from the name the company started in San Francisco. having been in business since 1974, this company is know for quality, value and innovative watches. Their business involves producing watches for a few other retailers and their brand name partner "Coleman", probably the largest quality manufacturer known in the sporting goods and camping equipment marketplace. 


Pedometer watches

GSI pedometer watches are all in one, multifunctional, weatherproof, outdoor watches that are designed for exercising, training and hiking. Several models are equipped with an Altimeter ( measures height ) a Pedometer accelerometer function for step counting, speed and distance measurement. Often there is a Barometer function as well. This measures barometric pressure as a means of forecasting the type of weather you might experience.

The altitude function has an altitude range of -999 up to 9999 meters, and a history graphic display that actually counts the number of hills. Models with this feature and the barometric weather forecast are perfect for the outdoors. Usually there is also a countdown timer as well as a backlight display. All in all these models measure speed, distance, steps, temperature, altitude in addition to having a stopwatch function and alarm. These pedometer watches are ideal for any type of outdoor activity and exercise program such as walking, jogging, running and hiking. prices range around the $40.00 mark.

GSI has a running watch called the GSI Super Quality Standalone Heart rate ECG Monitor watch. This is an all in one watch for monitoring your exercise and training program. It measures pulse and calories without the heart monitor strap that some other watches require. It also has an advanced electrocardiography (ECG) technology readout, and holds a memory of the previous12 records with a time and date stamp. It also has a pacer function that counts 30 to 180 heartbeats per minute and recalls the highest and lowest heartbeat. It also has a calorie counting function so that you can monitor the number of calories burned. There is also a 1/1000 second chronograph and back light display. It is in many ways the ultimate watch and is very reasonably priced.

All In One Watches

As the name indicates, these watches are great multifunctional models. They have an Altimeter, Thermometer, Compass in addition to an Alarm and a barometric weather forecast that reads if it is sunny, cloudy or rainy. A stopwatch and auto calendar are usually part of the package as well. prices for these great all in one watches can be as low as the mid $40.00 range.

The GSI Super Quality all in One outdoor exercise data watch.

This model is truly a multi functional watch for athletes and hikers. This is a weatherproof watch with the following functions:

It features a pedometer, Speedometer, and Odometer for tracking steps taken, speed and distance covered. As well as counting steps it can detect average speed as well as maximum and current speeds.

This watch also has the Altimeter and barometer features,with a memory and a history display. It also counts hills. This is truly a watch packed with features.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



GSI Super Quality All in One water Resistant HR Monitor Watch.

This another model which features several different functions. This is another all in one tool for the any one serious about training and exercising. 

This unit has an auto calendar, alarm function which includes snooze feature and a back light display. You can also input your birthday, weight and height.

This watch features a heart rate monitor when used with the slim transmitter chest strap. 

It also has everything you would expect in a runners watch. There is an odometer for distance tracking as well as a speedometer and pedometer. Calories burned are tracked by the calorimeter.

The pedometer, speedometer counts your steps taken as well as current speed and maximum and average speed.

The heart rate monitoring system measures average, maximum and current heart rate.

Rating: ★★★★☆