10000 Steps – Pedometer Walking Books and Fitness Logs

I know that I keep harping on about motivation. It has been my experience, as well as that of many runners whom I know, that staying not only dedicated but also motivated about running, walking or exercising can be very difficult. One method that has worked for me is to read.

If you are like me and enjoy reading there are a few books available on pedometer walking, walking for fun and fitness, the science of step counting, running, etc. You might ask why would I need a book to do something that is so basic? Along with a pedometer or pedometer watch these books are another great addition in your fitness accessories. They will provide you with all kinds of advice about walking and running, ways to stay motivated and weight loss. I also subscribe to a couple of running magazines. I have found over the years that reading about achievements by other people has provided me with the motivation to keep up my own running program.

I also recommend a  log book, especially if you have not opted for a computer linked pedometer watch. A log book is a great inexpensive add on to your distacne tracking device. It allows you to record all the information from your device so that you can really track improvement in distance travelled, speed, time and weight loss. There are number of different fitness logs available for both runners and walkers.


 Walking and exercise books for kids

It seems that almost every day there are news items telling us how over weight and obese the many people are becoming. Unfortunately this is also true for children, not just adults. Children today spend a lot of  time in front of their computers, watching TV and eating junk food. If you have children you probably want to either get them to exercise or if they do exercise. keep them motivated. There are a few books available that target just that. Using a pedometer gives children the opportunity to create challenges when they walk and run. Having a device which tracks their success is one way for them remain motivated. Below are some books I recommend.

Professional Athletes Use Pedometer Watches and keep track

Whatever the type of exercise you are involved in keeping track of your workouts is one way way to maintain lasting success .Professional athletes provide inspiration for those of us who want to maintain a fitness regimen. Perhaps there is a particular athlete whose career you follow. Having some idea of what they do day in and day out can be very inspirational. 

Professional athletes, especially runners, triathletes and cyclists use the types of pedometer watches and other computer based products which give them a wide range of information about their fitness levels. They are usually very focused on keeping track of  their fitness statistics ( or they have someone who does it for them ). Emulating their techniques can only help the rest of us in our fitness, health and weight loss programs.


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