Pedometer Watches & Heart Monitor Watches

The pedometer watch has been one of the most innovative areas of technological growth in the health and fitness world for quite some time now. Thanks to computerization and computer technology you can now buy a pedometer watches with some incredible features. One can now buy models with a whole host of functions. These include, but are not restricted to heart rate monitoring, calorie counting, GPS (global positioning satellite) distance tracking, altitude tracking, body fluid loss tracking and computer linking.

Years ago we used to have simple spring levered devices which only really tracked the number of steps a person took, perhaps a stopwatch and time function and that was pretty well it.  Enter the current world of running watches and you will be stunned at the fantastic integration and reporting methods available to you all from the wrist!  These can be considered to be walking or running computers. But how do you know what type is best for you?  Let's have a look at the different types on the market and we'll go from there.

I don't like using the  word basic, because when it comes to these units they are really anything but basic. In choosing one the  same considerations apply. Namely  your budget and the types of information you think will be of the most benefit to you. I like the Tech4O pedometer watches and several members of our running group use them. They have nice designs for men and women and the new accelerator models have a start up menu that guides through the process of setting up your watch. They come with a variety of features, for example the Women's Accelerator Pulse tracks, speed, distance, steps, calories and when used with a chest strap it can monitor your heart rate.

As an example of the amazing number of functions that can be packed into a very reasonably priced watch have a look at the GSI All in One Wrist Watch.



This model features an Altimeter, Barometer, Odometer  as well as a Speedometer .

Tracks Total steps, current speed as well as Maximum and average speed.

Weatherproof, Alarm and Backlight Display.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


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A Pedometer watch with a separate sensor:

Some watches use a sensor which is not built into the watch. Depending on the model, the sensor can be worn on a shoe or on the waistband. It then transmits the steps taken and distance covered to the watch. This makes it easy to check, just like telling the time. One benefit of this type of watch is that it can be used inside, unlike pedometer watches which utilize GPS.  if you have been into a running store lately, especially a Nike store,  you might have seen the Nike + Sportband. These are really neat looking slim wrist gadgets which come in many different colours. They utilize a sensor which can be placed in your Nike+ ready jogging shoe in order to record distance, pace, time and calories burned while you run. It saves information about your workouts for a week. You do need a computer to install the software. Timex also has a Fitness Tracker model which uses a separate sensor.

This is the Timex Ironman T5K093 Model Midsize Sleek Fitness Tracker. This is a great Women's Fitness watch. It also features a host of functions. This watch can be worn with a comfortable foot pod to accurately track distance as well as:  

Ironman tracker

This Women's Timex features a clip on pod for accurately tracking calories burned, steps, and mileage.

Provides lap information – time pace and distance

A training Log memorizes your workouts by the date and records best lap,total time, calories, pace, distance per lap and more.

Countdown timer

3 Alarms including options for daily, weekday and even day of the week.

50M Water Resistant, easy battery replacement & more.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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The Suunto M5 Heart rate Monitor with Movestick  – Suunto features a number of different watches which you can purchase as a pack with a heart rate monitor and foot pod. Compatible for accessories for cycling.

Track speed and distance with the pod.

Calories burned.

Heart rate displays average and peak. Also Heart rate alarm.

Adjustable metric and imperial measurements

Also has 6 month workout summary and many more features.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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Heart Rate Pedometer Watches ( many are also GPS enabled )

Heart rate watch models  inform the user of, as the name suggests, the heart rate of the wearer.  Monitoring your heart rate during  exercise is very important so that you can determine what zone your body is in at a particular time.  Keeping your body in certain zones during strenuous periods can help you achieve your fitness goals much quicker and a heart rate pedometer watch can really help.  Some heart rate pedometer watches require the user to wear a chest monitor strap. There is also a heart rate touch watch which is very simple to use and completely unobtrusive during an intensive run or hike.To determine heart rate all that is  required is for the wearer to place their fingers on the finger pads to get a reading. It is worth remembering that many of the pedometer watches on the market are available with a combination of features so you are not restricted when it comes to choosing the one you want. Polar make some incredible heart rate running computers as well. The Polar RS800CX below has a huge range of functions, including altimeter and barometer features.

Polar heart rate monitor

The Polar RS800CX – Heart Rate Monitor with S3 Stride sensor W.I.N.D. 

For really serious athletic training and athletes involved in endurance and multi sport activities.

This fantastic Polar is compatible with all of the W.I.N.D. sensors for tracking distance and speed.

Includes an Altimeter, measures assent and descent integrated Polar ProTrainer 5 software for custom GPS maps and routes. 

Measures calories used,transfer data to a computer, 50M water resistant.

The various W.I.N.D. products can be purchased separately. Many more functions.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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          womens ft60great model   




The Polar FT 60 For Men and Women. This is another Polar watch with Heart Rate Monitor.

This model can do so much more than measure heart rate.

It is a fantastic training watch which incorporates many innovative features. Features Polar Star personalized training program. Adapts to your exercise habits. 

Weekly training targets & constant feedback. OwnCal mode tracks single session and long term calories burned.

Compatible with the GPS sensor which is sold separately. Many other functions make this a very popular watch.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Polar for men          polar watch for women



The Polar GPS Sensor for Distance and Speed.

This sensor is is the G1 compatible with several of the Polar heart rate monitors.

This sensor allows you to expand the capability of your  Polar watch such as the FT60 & FT80 & RS300X

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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RS300x polar with the foot pod

Polar RS300X Hear Rate watch with G1 GPS sensor.

This is a great model for runners and cyclists. It is also a really good choice if you mountain bike or hike.

Has the various Polar metrics for calories burned, heart rate, speed etc. Comes with the G1.

This watch is also compatible with S1 Foot Pod.

50M Water Resistant.

The watch itself has a stopwatch, dual time zone as well as an alarm with snooze.

Display zoom and backlighting as well and an event countdown to show you how many days remaining until your next event.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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Sportline Solo 925W Women's Pedometer Watch with heart Rate Monitor.

This is a multi function watch which features ECG heart rate monitor, a clock, stopwatch and a Pedometer.

ECG reading are taken through a the Patented Any-Touch Technology. This means that you do not have to wear a chest strap.

This has the other features you would expect such as Calories expended, targeted zone workouts, an accelerometer for speed and distance measurement.

Average heart rate, Alert for out of heart rate Zone, indicator for percent of maximum heart rate and more.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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amazing technology in this very interesting sensor

PHRM24 Speed and Distance Heart Rate Watch by Pyle Sports with USB and 3D Running and Walking sensor.

Monitor your heart rate during exercise.

Various heart rate stats. such as Maximum, Current, Minimum and Average. 

Large LCD screen which is very clear and easy to read.

Can be connected to a PC for downloading and analyzing of data.

Track speed including min. and maximum,  distance, fat burned, calories expended. #D sensor accurately measures steps. LED backlight for easy night time reading.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

pyle heart monitor pedometer watch


The other big name in watches that combine heart rate monitoring with distance measurement and a whole lot more is Garmin. One of the watches that I own is the Garmin Forerunner 305 and it is quite an amazing running computer. A foot pod can also be purchased for it. Foot pods allow you to use some GPS watches indoors where you are out of range of satellites. When you go back outside you can activate the GPS sensor. The foot pod can be used inside or out to track distance. The Garmin 305 like many distance tracking watches can be hooked up to a computer so that all kinds of data related to your workouts is readily available. For example with the 305 you can get graphs of your time, heart rate, pace, distance and it even has a mapping capability. This watch like many other Garmin's is a serious fitness watch.

If you are a triathlete I recommend that you check out the Garmin's. The 310XT for example can be used to estimate distance in water. It also records all your information and data when you are riding your bike and when you are running. All of these statistics can be uploaded to your computer wirelessly. With a watch like the Garmin Forerunner 310XT you have the capability of not only keeping track of your heart rate and calories used, but also data related to body weight, body fat and body water. Before you decide on your next heart rate monitor and distance tracking watch take a look at the Garmins.