Are you looking for a marathon training programme or even a beginner running program? Are you just getting into running or are you considering training for a marathon?  There are many running and marathon training programmes on the market. On this page you will find information and links to recommended programs. 





The following successful marathon training program was developed by Marius Bakken a former Olympic runner now a physician.

These are just a few of the things you get with this program:

There are eight different training schedules which range a 2 hour 45 minute schedule to a 5 hour schedule for the absolute beginner. You are able to pick the schedule which suits you best. 

15 videos where Marius takes you through the various schedules explaining various core principles of marathon training.

10 additional videos , these cover such topics as running form and how to improve it, how to choose the right shoes and more.

120 pages of information packed with valuable content that takes you through the process of preparing for a marathon.

Access to a members only area where you can post your questions to Marius Bakken.

Free Lifetime product Updates

Download Marius Bakkens 100 Day Marathon Plan, you can get started immediately.

100% 60 Day money back guarantee.

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Break Your PR

This is the Marathon Dominator running program by Jill Bruyere. Jill is a former collegiate soccer player, she played on the University of New Mexico team and then went on to play semi-professionally in the Womens league. She is a marathon runner.

Among the marathons she has competed in are Boston, New York and Chicago. She is the program manager for the Tri/Cycle Club at the Washington Athletic Club. She coaches and trains individuals in running, weight loss, triathalons and sports performance. She is also a motivational speaker.

Jill's Program is possibly the most thorough programme available. The program is based on the "less is more" system of training. This is a programme which has been designed to assist runners to improve their time.

Some of what you get with this program

Easy to follow training guide and schedule

Training schedule is based on training for four days a week, making it easier to schedule your training.

Advice on how to prevent common marathon injuries and what to do if they do occur.

Marathon running nutritional advice, including recipes. What you should and should not eat.

At the time of writing ( December 2010 )  there are 8 bonus gifts included, these are video, audio and EBook bonuses.

Quick Download of the programme so that you don't have to wait.

100% Money back guarantee.

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Break Your PR


This is the Marathon Training For Beginners designed and developed by Jago Holmes CPT. He is an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer who over the years has worked with literally hundreds of runners. The program he has developed is targeted specifically at beginners who have the desire to run a marathon. 

Some features of this programme:

A step by step process for getting your body programmed for a marathon.

Striaght talking information on how to accomplish your goal.

An honest and informative marathon training schedule and guide.

Provide you with the tools you will need to succeed.

 Manual 1 The Theory comprehensive knowledge, training advice and tips on running.

Manual 2 The Practice step by step guide to the practical side of marathon running

7 Valuable Bonus ebooks including Injury Prevention and How to Boost your Metabolism.

Easily Download this Marathon Training Program and bonuses.

100% 60 Day money back guarantee

Click Here to Find Out About Marathon Training for Beginners

marathon training programme

Using a Pedometer Watch or Pedometer for Excercise

Using a  pedometer watch or pedometer in your exercise routines can be really helpful because it will assist you in keeping track of the type of workout you are doing as well as the effects and benefits. It used to be that a person's walking or running workout was not really traceable in the sense that they never really knew exactly what they were accomplishing. 


Thanks to the introduction of the pedometer however, it has become much much easier to really track and record performance.  The technology now available in pedometer watches provides some the most convenient ways to integrate the statistics of a workout. Using the various functions of these instruments it is easier to track your workout, improve your physical performance and a get better understanding of your progress.

Omron hj 303 tri axis

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

. Omron HJ 303 GoSmart Tri Axis Pedometer. This Omron is designed to work in your pocket, bag, flat or vertically. Measures distance, calories, steps & more. 

a great alternative

Accusplit AH120MAG step counter

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

. Accusplit AH120MAG Step counter. For walkers and runners, very accurate sensor for determining steps taken.

a great thing this is

ozeri pedometer

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

 Ozeri 3D Digital with Tri Axis accelerator technology. Accuracy in any position. Measures speed,distance, calories, steps,time, advanced technology & more.

a great thing this is



If you do any sort of exercise on a routine basis I highly recommend purchasing a good quality unit, so you can see and log your results. I prefer the  watch style because in general have a larger variety of functions and I am used used to wearing a watch anyway.  Any device you are used to using on a consistent basis is easier to pick up and use every time. 


The features of a pedometer watch can also include heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, altitude, calorie counting and many more, resulting in a really big bang for the buck! There are however some incredible pedometers as well. Ones which can even upload your work out information to a computer.  So spend some time on the site and check out the vast array of pedometer watches and pedometers that are out there.


You will find that on the site that several brands of reoccur. This is because I really like the quality of these products.  The Garmin Forerunner 101 below attaches to your wrist. It is GPS enabled and gives you accurate speed, distance, pace and calories burned information.



Heart Rate and Calorie Counter Watches

Using a pedometer is a great way to really get a good idea of just how far or how many steps you have taken in a day. In fact in the 1960's a Japanese researcher Dr. Hatano came up with a program where he recommended that people walk 10,000 steps a day. He calculated that the average person walked only a third or a half of that and that if everyone walked 10,000 steps they would be fitter and thinner. Being able to measure steps made these immensely useful devices for helping people to keep track of the number of steps they were taking.

For a long time it was very hard for the average person to accurately figure out if they were expending enough calories on a daily basis.  Now, thanks to  some models ( even the basic ones )  we can now get a much more accurate reading, as they have the capability of calculating the number of calories used. Thus the average person can now find out how many calories they have burned  from a walk or hike.  Pedometers can play a big role in a fitness program and are especially useful in helping you to keep a close eye on your progress. 

Some of the great features of fitness watches include GPS route tracking and information for distance and altitude, heart rate monitoring and calorie usage.  Often innovations in exercise and fitness equipment are merely gimmicks, ( we've all seen them being advertised ). The benefits of the features of  GPS  watches or heart rate watches are that they help you to improve whatever it is you are already doing to stay fit.

Because you can keep track of the distances you walk or run and the number of calories burned, sports watches are great  gadgets for keeping you motivated. In many respects they allow you to compete against yourself. You are able to accurately track any increase in the distance or intensity of your workout. They are effective in allowing you to see and monitor improvements in your fitness program. The Polar models require a separate, light, GPS sensor to be used with them.

All in all if you are looking for a great piece of equipment  to really help boost your personal physical fitness then I recommend buying a high quality pedometer watch. There are many different pedometer watches which can be easily integrated into your daily life without being bothersome or annoying.  If you are not tracking your progress you are not getting everything you can out of your workouts,  so what are you waiting for?

banner for running watches

10000 Steps – Pedometer Walking Books and Fitness Logs

I know that I keep harping on about motivation. It has been my experience, as well as that of many runners whom I know, that staying not only dedicated but also motivated about running, walking or exercising can be very difficult. One method that has worked for me is to read.

If you are like me and enjoy reading there are a few books available on pedometer walking, walking for fun and fitness, the science of step counting, running, etc. You might ask why would I need a book to do something that is so basic? Along with a pedometer or pedometer watch these books are another great addition in your fitness accessories. They will provide you with all kinds of advice about walking and running, ways to stay motivated and weight loss. I also subscribe to a couple of running magazines. I have found over the years that reading about achievements by other people has provided me with the motivation to keep up my own running program.

I also recommend a  log book, especially if you have not opted for a computer linked pedometer watch. A log book is a great inexpensive add on to your distacne tracking device. It allows you to record all the information from your device so that you can really track improvement in distance travelled, speed, time and weight loss. There are number of different fitness logs available for both runners and walkers.


 Walking and exercise books for kids

It seems that almost every day there are news items telling us how over weight and obese the many people are becoming. Unfortunately this is also true for children, not just adults. Children today spend a lot of  time in front of their computers, watching TV and eating junk food. If you have children you probably want to either get them to exercise or if they do exercise. keep them motivated. There are a few books available that target just that. Using a pedometer gives children the opportunity to create challenges when they walk and run. Having a device which tracks their success is one way for them remain motivated. Below are some books I recommend.

Professional Athletes Use Pedometer Watches and keep track

Whatever the type of exercise you are involved in keeping track of your workouts is one way way to maintain lasting success .Professional athletes provide inspiration for those of us who want to maintain a fitness regimen. Perhaps there is a particular athlete whose career you follow. Having some idea of what they do day in and day out can be very inspirational. 

Professional athletes, especially runners, triathletes and cyclists use the types of pedometer watches and other computer based products which give them a wide range of information about their fitness levels. They are usually very focused on keeping track of  their fitness statistics ( or they have someone who does it for them ). Emulating their techniques can only help the rest of us in our fitness, health and weight loss programs.


Break Your PR

Fitness Benefits of Using a Pedometer Watch

do not copy banner for pedometer

Have you ever achieved something that you consider  to be quite extraordinary, but you are not sure how you did it? If you are trying to get into shape, that "eureka" moment might suddenly arrive unexpectedly, perhaps on a day when you complete a walk or run and feel that you have so much energy and stamina you could do it all over again. If you use a pedometer watch or pedometer to track you distances and other workout statistics, that success wont come as such a surprise. Pedometer watches and pedometers are available with a huge variety of functions that will help you to accurately track and improve your level of fitness. Using these devices can help you to manage and record  a range of statistics related to your walking or running routine, thereby providing you with a tangible record of your achievements. This information is much more useful than just "feeling good" and is something that can provide a basis for you to build and improve upon.  The fitness benefits of using a running watch are numerous and include increased consistency, improved fitness and even weight loss! A distance tracking device can play an integral part in your quest to stay fit.

 Tracking Distance

The only way to get fit is to exercise in some form or another, and if you want to lose weight in a healthy way exercise is essential. If you are a walker or a runner it stands to reason that the further you are able to go the fitter you are. The really great advantage of a model with an accelerometer or GPS is that you are able to accurately determine the distance you have travelled over a particular period of time.

If you always walk or run the same route when you exercise you may be able to measure the distance by driving around in a vehicle and using the car's odometer. If, on the other hand you want to vary your route and still want to know how far you have travelled then some sort of pedometer or distance tracking device is essential. Even though you you may have a general idea of how fast you walk or run in terms of miles per hour, terrain, weather and even the way you feel can cause your speed to vary considerably from day to day.

The only really accurate way to gauge your distance is with a device specifically made for the purpose. If you are away from home on vacation or business and wish to maintain your walking or running regimen, then you really should have some sort of pedometer watch. It will help you to easily keep track of your distance over unfamiliar routes.

UK pedometer watch     UK Customers please click on the flag for Pedometer Watches, GPS watches & Heart rate monitors.

Polar 99039726 RS-300XG1BK Heart Rate Monitor With G1 GPS For Cross Sport Training, Black with MP3 A

This is the Polar RS-300xG1. Another great watch that allows you to combine the benefits of heart rate monitoring with speed and distance. This Polar is equippedwith the G1 GPS sensor, choose with MP3 armband, cinch bag or water bottle.

Be Consistent About Your Walking and Running

Often it can be difficult to remain consistent about one’s exercise routine. As i am sure we have all experienced there are numerous things which happen day to day which can distract us from exercising. I am sure that i am no exception when I say that there are many times when I feel a distinct lack of motivation when it comes to going out for a run. Factors such as the weather, the time of day, just feeling lazy or tired, or making other excuses are just a few examples. In order to try mad maintain your level of motivation and consistency I think you will find that using a pedometer or pedometer watch and recording your workouts will help you to stay on the “straight and narrow”. If you record the frequency and distance you have walked or run each time you exercise you will hopefully find that you do  not want to get behind in your routine or let your level of fitness drop off. 

Polar RS-200SD Heart Rate Monitor with S1 Foot Pod, Black


The Polar RS200SD Heart Rate Minitor and Black Foot Pod. This is a great device for runners. With the S1 foot pod you can utilize the speed and distance functions. Manage your exercise goals and calorie counting with polar's OwnZone.

Pedometer Watches Help with Weight Loss

Using these devices to help with  weight loss is a great idea and actually quite easy to accomplish.  As you begin to use one of these devices you can begin to create links between how far you travel and at what pace, to the weight loss you experience.  Additionally as I discuss throughout the site using distance tracking with a heart rate monitor included you will know if your body is in the fat burning zone. By keeping your body in and out of the fat burning zone and counting calories you can take control of the fat loss you experience.


Overall Fitness

Pedometer watches are jacks of all trades because they help contribute to your overall fitness levels.  By keeping fit and healthy you can reap the many varied rewards of this lifestyle.  Simply using your device consistently throughout your fitness regimen will provide many benefits.



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